Facility Cleaning Guidelines

Appendix 3

This is not an exhaustive or thorough guide. It points out main concepts. Please inform yourselves about Cleaning.


  1. Public Health officials suggest the disinfection of every exam room between each suspected patient;

  2. Disinfection every 1-2 hours of waiting rooms or High Touch areas of the whole facility.

  3. Hospital Level cleaning of High Touch Surfaces is priority one

Potential for Exposure

High-touch surfaces

High-touch surfaces are those that have frequent contact with hands.

  • Examples include doorknobs, telephone, call bells, bed rails, light switches, wall areas around the toilet and edges of privacy curtains, desks, computers, faucets.

Low-touch surfaces

Low-touch surfaces are those that have minimal contact with hands.

  • Examples include walls, ceilings, mirrors and window sills.

Hotel clean

  • A measure of cleanliness based on visual appearance that includes dust and dirt removal, waste disposal and cleaning of windows and surfaces

Hospital Clean

Hospital Clean is “Hotel clean” with the addition of:

  • disinfection

  • increased frequency of cleaning

  • auditing

  • and other infection control measures in client / patient / resident care areas.