STAFF & Healthcare Worker SAFETY


The safety of Staff and Healthcare workers is one of the most important aspects of preparedness.

  • We are at risk due to our work and we must take every precaution to be safe.

  • Our goal in this is to have no staff or Health Care Worker (HCW) become sick.

  • We will surely fail in this, but if we set the bar high, we can minimize harm.

Cleaning of the Facility is Primordial

  • We need to ensure cleaning staff does not burn out. Do we have enough? Some other staff who are off (e.g., dental hygienists) have been reassigned locally. This is working very well.

  • The focus should be on cleaning high touch surfaces. See Cleaning Guidelines.

  • Guidelines suggest disinfection of:

    • Every exam room between each suspected patient

    • Disinfection of waiting rooms or High Touch areas of the whole clinic every 1-2 hours

THANK the Cleaning Staff members

Show your Gratitude. Take care of them. Ask if you can help them.

They have one of the most important jobs and are often overlooked.

Source Control - Asymptomatic Transmission

The precautionary principle reigns here because we do not yet have a deep understanding of transmission. Evidence is mounting that asymptomatic spread may be a big issue. We do not have time to wait to find out before acting.

  • Physical Distancing

  • Masks for Source Control (This is Not PPE)

Cloth masks are a way to accomplish source control. Many volunteers are willing and ready to make them. Mobilize your local resources. A pattern can be found here:

Other options exist, e.g., including a slit for a vacuum bag filter.

At Work - Help Each Other

  • Keep our work posts clean. Eliminate ALL clutter, all unnecessary paper

  • Watch for lapses in face touching or hygiene. See Hygiene for Workers section.

Learn your PPE Procedures

(There are other versions using 2 sets of clothes. These can be shared)