facility Layout SPECIFICS

You will have to adjust the specifics based on your own physical layout and available resources. Below is a sample evolution for a small-medium sized facility.

Facility Floorplan Layout

The St. Mary's Facility has 10 rooms (see below).

      • The rooms by the Ambulance Bay would potentially be good for Red and the Ambulance Bay could become the Red waiting room. The issue is the rooms close to there have no oxygen and are adjacent to many offices so overall less good.

      • Room 10 at the end of the Right half has outdoor access nearby, has Oxygen and is separate from other offices. It is the least bad choice, so will be used as the initial COVID Red Room.

      • As COVID patient numbers increase sequentially work down one side: i.e. rooms 9, 8, 7, 6 will become COVID.

      • Initially we will try to keep COVID patients on the right half of this horseshoe.

      • As numbers increase and more ill COVID patients arrive, rooms 10-1 will progressively all be assigned to COVID patients. Non-COVID patients will be seen outside the ED/Urgent Care.

See the following example of Stages of Response

Stage 1 - Pre-COVID Floor Plan: All Green

Stage 2 - COVID Floor Plan - Green Red Version

  • Initial COVID (Red) cases will be on the right side and Non-COVID (Green) on the left.

  • Room 10 will be the initial room and as COVID patient numbers grow, rooms 9,7,6 will be used, until the entire floor and Ambulance Bay used for COVID only.

Stage 2 - COVID Floor Plan - Green Yellow Red Version

Stage 3 - COVID Floor Plan - Green Yellow Red Progression

Stage 4 - Advanced COVID Floor Plan

Non-COVID will move eventually out of the Clinic.

You will need to build your own layout and design a Room Allocation Plan to fit your needs.

Use the concepts - do not be tied to details above.