Quarantined / Isolated patients


As the phases of pandemic progress, there will potentially be many suspected cases who need self isolation. THIS is a major problem in places with overcrowded living conditions.

Overcrowded housing has the potential to make COVID catastrophic and is one reason, along with a high burden of chronic disease, that such areas are the most at risk. The steps in section 1 are key.

Alternatives must be found for self-isolation:

  • Houses

  • Schools

  • Hotels

  • Tent Shelters

Get Public Safety and Security working on this.

      • Solutions to this will be found at a Community level.

      • Make sure it is being looked at.

You will also need to have a mechanism for dealing with people who are violating self isolation. Public security services may contact you to see if the person is indeed supposed to be in self isolation. You will require some sort of list of people tested or isolated (some tests may be done in other regions and people then return locally pending the result).