Outside your Facility

Ensure the main public health messages are communicated often.


    • Limited or NO travel

    • Social Distancing

    • Hand Hygiene

    • Protect Elders and Chronically Ill

    • Stores - Community Social Distancing may need to be Engineered by controlling and limiting the # of people in stores.

      • A 2 metre distance all around you is 13 square metres

        • That’s only 2-3 people in a typical store aisle.

Inside Your Facility

This time around, the amount of information is an unstoppable torrent.

This is a Double Edged Sword:

  • Good because we can learn from our colleagues in New York and elsewhere in minutes and hours. Those on the ground know the most.

  • Bad because people can feel overwhelmed and uncertain.

Be aware of Team Dynamics which can be delicate with high anxieties.

Keep up consistent messaging to staff.

Be Calm, Honest, Succinct and Frequent.